YEAR 7!!! MIDWEST CHEER ELITE COLUMBUS #MCE614 #J19T3 We had a very successful Summit and Worlds season in the 20-21 season! We have big goals for our upcoming 21-22 season to make it even more memorable with our cheer family!!!

Pre-School Gymnastics

Welcome to our Pre-School/Pre-K Gymnastics Program 

We are so glad that you choose us for your "little ones" first tumble experience. Our preschool program proudly offers a gymnastics program for toddlers 2.5 years to 5 years of age and is creatively designed to promote body awareness and self-esteem through gymnastic exercise.  Our program aims to increase each child's individual body awareness and coordination.  We have an incredible staff that will guide your child through an obstacle of activities using creative set-up and design to stimulate their learning environment. Once you find a class that suits your needs, please register at https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/midwestcolumbus Call our office at 740-936-5480 (M-Th 4pm-8pm, Sun 11am-7pm) or email us at midwestcolumbus@midwestcolumbus.com if you have any questions! 

STARBURSTS (2.5 years old-3.5 years old)

Starburst is designed as a transitional class from our twinkle stars.  It should include children that are ready for the class experience without any parent supervision.  The class focuses on learning and cooperation skills, gross motor skills, implementation of the core gymnastics skills and lots of fun activities. They will have trampoline time, circle time and structured work stations. 

SHINING STARS (3.5 years old - 5 year olds)

This class is for those students that are proficient in their listening skills and ready to begin the core development for gymnastics.  The main focus of this class will be drills and skills that lead to handstands and cartwheels.  They will utilize a lot of great equipment designed with their size in mind.  They will also get to have time on our in-ground tumble track. 


$80 for an 8 week session

*No Refunds are given but you are welcome to make-up a missed class with another class that we offer


*Leotards may be worn but are not required 

*Gym type clothing is appropriate (NO JEANS)

*Bare feet

*Hair pulled back

*Potty Train required